7:06, looped

Cristian Anutoiu (They/Them) is a transdisciplinary artist from Romania/Germany. 

Their practice negotiates concepts, fictions and contingencies between physical and digital realities. Reflecting from a queer background, his visual language crystallizes a fragmented world injected with a gentle magical realism. 

In this process, cross-realities become crucible for transporting ideas into a tangible reality and for expressing himself through installative narratives. Constant experimentation with 3D software creates virtual worlds, installations that span time and space, and implicitly post-digital paintings. The artificial is juxtaposed with the organic to express fragility and opposition of human subjectivity and normativity. Through reinterpretations, 3D scans and kitsch, Cristian’s practice moves between post-modern mysticism and digital magic.  

In addition to studying Painting & Animation Film at the University of Applied Arts under Judith Eisler, Cristian is a founding member of the artist collective room69, which mediates contemporary intermedia formats through progressive exhibition formats. 

Cristian Anutoiu currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria.


Curator Statement

Foreboding essences of unfamiliar transhuman figures merging, fusing, and marrying the virtual landscape… Flickering imagery traverses through a non-linear erratum of digitalized dysmorphic body… And jittering catharsis of organically simulated forms deconstructing… 

FertileGrounds01 is an exordium to a series of speculative experimentations around the possibility of the body’s coalescence with its own digital surroundings and habitat. Through espousing artifacts of the deteriorating 3D scans; Cristian paints an intimate portrayal of their own body dysmorphia melting into a ground of virtual cacophony. Drawn by glitch feminism1A term coined by Legacy Russel, it explores the liberation found within the fissures between gender, technology, and the body., the eclectic fusion fertilizes the circumjacent environment to interrogate the possible futures of embracing the body’s agency within the digital sphere.

Curator: Dhia Dhibi