Dhia Dhibi is a Tunis-based visual artist, art theorist and curator in training. Originally a 3D artist, he graduated from the Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba (ISAMM) majoring in the conception and filmmaking of 3D animated movies. His graduation project, a short film entitled “CEREBRUM”, made him realize his passion for different forms of art practices and visual expression beyond the strict use of digital media. Dhia expanded this curiosity in a research Master’s Degree in theories of creativity at the Institute of Fine Arts of Tunis (ISBAT) in order to have more access to all sorts of artistic creation with an academic approach. In addition, he is a fellow of TASAWAR curatorial studios 3 and the art mediator at La Boite – Un lieu d’art Contemporain.

Whether by exploring an interdisciplinary perspective for his artworks (stretching from animation cinema to clay sculpture and tapestry) or by curating and participating in contemporary art debates; Dhia is always on ever-evolving research to develop his artistic approach and to cultivate the art scene.


I believe the curator has the most essential role to gently orchestrate a dance between artworks, navigating the audience to fully immerse into the artist’s world and to give them a chance to delve into that intimate connection with the exhibited work. Furthermore, I personally think that this immersion is not a selective nor an elitist intellectual experience but more of a right for any spectator to enjoy, therefore the democratization of fully absorbing the premise of a contemporary exhibition is not reserved to a certain class.