Léa is a French artist, illustrator, and author based in Marseille. Her medium of choice for her illustrations is acrylic paint, but she also uses larger brushes for frescoes from time to time. Her visual universe uses rather dark colors and depicts mysterious, fantastic, and daydreaming scenes. Léa collaborates with the press, events, and publishing companies.

The triptych “Fire / Flood / Landslide” was made during a trip of the artist to Tunis. As she travels through the city sitting in the passenger seat of her friend’s car, Lea captures the urban details of this troubling Mediterranean city. Alternating between familiar elements – the Hôtel du Lac, the palm trees… – and unusual elements, her paintings offer a vision of Tunis that is both dreamy and apocalyptic. A dreamed Tunis swept by natural disasters, induced by characters, who joyfully play with the obstacles, break the rules, or recklessly set the city on fire.: a not-so-distant future that we can already contemplate from the windows of our cars.

Photo by Alicia Gardès


instagram.com: Lea Djeziri

From left to right: Fire / Landslide / Flood