Gabriela Valdespino (*1993, Caracas) is an audio-visual artist and designer working in the fields of photography, moving images, sound, and performance. Gabriela explores both body and space separately and together with the main interest in their relationship with technology. Speculative thinking towards the future of the interaction technology-humans, the impact of media on society, and the role of technology in performative context are the main subjects of her research. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Design at the University of the Arts in Bremen (2021) she is currently completing studies in Master of Arts Program Digital Media (2021).

Her featured video work manufacture comes from hand is a 2 minute long invitation to contemplate on our connection to nature.

manufacture comes from hand (2018)
Perfect shapes, chrome surface, artificial, synthetic, (un)natural. From the ground to the lab, to the table. From hand to hand. Bits coming together, becoming bigger, becoming one. Getting smaller into chunks, pieces that don’t disappear. From the table to the ground. Fractions that remain. In the ground, fruitless. The damages remain, which hand is to blame.

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