Hescham Al Karshan is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly works with digital media including 3d modeling and animation, digital painting, as well as virtual and augmented reality experiences. Hescham surfs between the physical and digital realms, inspired by the electrons of this universe’s atoms.

Frame 0093 is a still from a virtual reality artwork: MetaHome. This work revisits past memories, and launches them into the future, unattached to space and time, based on 3D modelling and animation. The piece explores and chronicles a family’s history and heritage.

Frame 0093 is based on Hescham’s grandmother’s account of her forced migration, and the ensuing lingering traumas. He has integrated elements of the past into an imagined, illogical world where a future utopia cannot really be dissociated from the previous realities it is constructed upon.

Hescham’s decision to exhibit a frame from a VR experience is a judicious one, acting like a slice of reality, freezing the utopia in a specific point in time that highlights the dichotomies between its different elements.


instagram.com: Hescham Karschan