I am a multidisciplinary artist/curator from no specific country.

Water has always been a fascinating element for me, it just follows the stream, wherever you put it with whatever you mix it, it just moves on, survives and continues, it’s got a very dynamic changing character and yet it’s very pure and transparent.

When I curate I try to create water between the artists/artworks, the audience and the art institutes, to smoothly mix these three main elements of an exhibition in one room, and maybe that’s the most challenging thing for me, the difficulty of bringing these three elements together. Having a non-art-related background as I grew up, then becoming an artist followed by being a curator in a museum and then working in a pure art market one, grew a deeper understanding in me for the challenge to manage and find the sincere fine line to link the reality we live in with the dreamy and utopian aura of curating an exhibition.

My other main focus in curating is on the marginalized artists who didn’t get the appreciation and the opportunities they deserve, trying to find them and open up the doors for them.

‘’The artist exists because the world is not perfect
Art would be useless if the world was perfect
As man wouldn’t look for harmony but would simply live in it
Art is born out of ill-designed world’’ -Tarkovsky