“Every photograph is a fiction with pretensions to truth”—Joan Fontcuberta.

With no specific knowledge, contextual insights, or understanding of a concept, some artworks can provide you with the gist of the presented topic beyond their aesthetic properties. Working from my background in photography, I navigate towards artistic documentary photography, where one can find images drawn from the “real”; social, political, and daily situations and struggles.

My curatorial approach is to present different environmental, social, and political topics of interest that medium, artist, or space do not define. I often can’t relate to the purely metaphysical—artwork that is self-referential or only concerned with its medium. I am interested in presenting an image in the context of other images. It can be of the same series or other artworks which aren’t limited to photography—allowing the works to speak for themselves while in dialogue with one another.

Exhibitions in public spaces have the ability to draw people in that are not in touch with the topics presented or the art world. Within the context of an exhibition, images can be felt, experienced, and observed in a context of a visual narrative. Making exhibitions one of the gate openers to understanding complex problems and raising awareness on critical universal topics.


Ana Rodríguez is a photographer and curator in training based in Bremen.de
She is currently finishing her MA studies in Integrated Design and is drawn to the documentary and is interested in environmental and sociocultural issues. She sees curating as a mean for contextualisation and opening a dialogue.