Samer Betar set foot in the arts by studying theater before becoming a music composer. He then moved towards curation in the broader middle eastern region after gaining experience working on local and international exhibitions. In his practice, he pays particular attention to the relationship between sound and image. This focus can be explained by the transcription of a mental or physical image into music and vice versa.

Considering that many local traditional art productions in the region are linguistics-based, visual representations were often driven by poems, storytelling, and oral history in general. Through generations and travels, these oral traditions have given rise to a variety of written, visual, and musical representations, which, in turn can be transposed into other media mobilizing new interpretations. In this chain of transpositions, what and where is the place of sound?

Beyond this interest in the role of sound, Samer’s curatorial activity attempts to bring together the sometimes dissonant representations and influences in a single exhibition. This approach offers the possibility to restore artistic decency to each work, by inviting regional and international artists to revive the heritage from the region in a contemporary style.