Côme Di Meglio (1988), is a French artist currently based in Marseille. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2014 where his attraction to sculpture as a privileged mean of expression was developing. During his studies, Côme has always been interested in the notion of a long time frame, a frame that is beyond human life scale, so in the first sculptures he was making while still at school there were these ideas of building time transcendent works. This perspective of exploring the connection between past of origin, and a future that is yet to be built evoked the position of being connected with generations, other human beings, other cultures, other times, and maybe other landscapes, forming a core intuition in his work.

In his practice he focuses on creating experiences combining sculpture, natural materials, architecture, and food. Also he integrates an immaterial dimension alongside immersive and interpersonal elements. in the works of Côme human beings are placed at the center, while his artistic quest is to “awaken the feeling of the pure joy of existing.” attempting to provoke the state of grace in which the human being enters into adequacy with his environment.

In 2021 he received the Art of Change 21 Planet Solidarity Award.

Featured Works:
– MycoTemple 2021.
– TransitionFOOD 2018.
– TransitionSPACE 2018.

Côme Di Meglio, MycoTemple, 2021.

Mycelium 2
Mycelium brick
Mycelium 4
MycoTemple 1