Mohamad Khayata is a Syrian artist based in Lebanon. His work on addressing the issues of the Syrian community living in Lebanon examines “the relationship within the political and societal environments, and the effect of regulations and policies on these communities dynamic ranges.”

Born in Damascus1Read about Damascus on Wikipedia (1985), Mohamad holds a degree in Fine Arts obtained from Damascus University. His work deals with concepts of migration, memory, and identity. Evolving from photography to encompass mixed media, painting, sculpture, and music, he often combines more than one medium with photographic work to produce a multi-layered exploration of identity and nation. Many of his pieces include the ongoing metaphorical – and literal – the theme of the patchwork quilt, which reflects his desire to stitch Syria back together.

featured works:
– Memories and Flowers 2021.
– Above The Fray 2019 – 2020.
– Takhalli 2018.
– Aegean Sea 2018.
– Stitching my Syria Back 2012 (ongoing).

Cridets: Ettijahat – Independent Culture, Meet the Artist, 2019


Mohamad Khayata

Agean Sea
Rubbish_Takhalli 2018