Reem Aljeally is an artist and curator from where she is currently based, she has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Khartum with training in drawing and painting. Over the last years, Reem has been working to revive and enrich the women’s art scene in Sudan through The Muse multi studios which was established in 2019, and has created different platforms including Bait Alnisa to help promote and encourage Sudanese artists.

Painting women in a calm and relaxed attitude, Aljeally’s artistic approach focuses on women, spaces, emotions, self-image, and stories in the digital sphere. She has been working and exhibiting either as an artist or as a curator in a number of workshops and exhibitions with her latest “Bad Posture” with Eclectica contemporary in Cape Town. Her work has been displayed and collected in The United States, Kenya, South Africa, Qatar, and France.