Ghassen Chraifa

Trained as an architect, Ghassan Chraifa is a visual artist. He was born in 1993 in Tunisia where he currently lives. Famously known for his art projects varied between photography and videos as core mediums, Ghassen was part of different art programs and initiatives; “culture solidaire” by Kamel Lazaar Foundation; Fawasel by L’art rue, and together with the artist Markus Hiesleitner, he has exhibited his art project at the open studio K Residence in Gabes Cinema Fen. Ghassan’s artwork is displayed in Tunis and Canada.

Capturing moments and working on collecting dust from Gabe’s sea that depicts the effect of the industrial on Gabe’s natural landscape, the visual artist captured the present moment in an apocalyptic future to highlight the environmental results on both human and non-human species. From the “Everything that will remain” installation, Ghassan brings historical prints of the ecological impact to today’s table and questions the future.

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