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Photos: Melika Abdel Razzak & Soraya Ghezelbash

Melika Abdel Razzak & Soraya Ghezelbash

Melika Abdel Razzak (born 1987) is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Amman. Her practice is inspired by nature, with elements representing the least human intervention and the most holistic approaches. She creates functional pieces, infused with stories that enable them to transcend their materiality. Her focus is on the crafting process and the discovery of alternative ways of production.

Soraya Ghezelbash (born 1985) is an artist who grew up in France with British-Iranian roots. She works with silkscreen printing, photography and textile. Her artistic research revolves around the relation between migration, textiles and botanics in the Mediterranean region. Soraya is currently continuing her studies, in parallel to developing a collection of hand-printed textiles. Her work was exhibited in September 2017 during the New York Textile Month, and she was the award winner of the residency program “Hors les Murs” that same year.

Melika and Soraya collaborated on various projects. Their works are usually plant-based, and seek a balance between both a chirurgical manipulation and an instinctive placement of objects, sounds and atmosphere.


2022 | amman.jo | plant/textile installation | Darat El Funun
2018 | amman.jo | plant/textile installation | Auguries of Innocence
2016 | amman.jo | plant/textile installation | Diversity or death


instagram.com: Between Mirages

author: Paola Farran