Kathleen (aka Kat dems) is a freelance illustrator based between Brussels and Tunis.

Facing a compartmentalized world, violently unequal, in which the dominant and dominated social classes barely meet, she believes that art has the ability to build bridges. Her projects seek to connect artists with different backgrounds, cultures and experiences to patch up our compartmentalized societies. By addressing themes that resonates in all of us, she aims at reinventing collective spaces, allowing different daily lives and social classes to meet together. A feminist and activist, she intends to hinder patriarchal and Western-oriented biases by privileging collaborations with artists from minority groups.

2022 | Cultural Center Bruegel (be) | JDOUD project, a collective exhibition : curator and artist
2021 | Institut Français de Tunisie (tn) | ‘Kitab Lab’, a collective exhibition : artist
2020 | Gallery Fahrenheit 451, Tunis (tn) | Solo exhibition : artist
2019 | EKCCI, Tunis (tn) | Solo exhibition : artist

2021-2022 | Goethe Institut Tunis (tn) | TASAWAR Curatorial Studio : fellow
2021 | Arts & Publics asbl (be) | Cultural mediation : fellow

Lives in Brussels (be) and Tunis (tn)
1991 | Born in France