Kathleen (aka Kat dems) is a freelance illustrator based between Brussels and Tunis.

As a curious human-being, the global functioning of the world and our societies have always intrigued her. Like a puzzle, her vision of the world has been nourished and is constantly being nourished by multiple pieces that fit together, overlap and confront each other. Her puzzle sees a world governed by a violent capitalist system for humans and the planet, generating inequalities and injustice. Her interest is therefore turned towards possible alternatives in order to see snatches of hope and renewal. Concepts such as the commons, collective actions, activism, outsider art, feminism… are ways out that relieve a reality that is sometimes too harsh and hard to grasp.

Her work will seek to make these alternatives visible and accessible. They will aim to connect individuals in order to recreate and generate common possibilities. They will allow people to get off the beaten track, to meet different lifestyles, divergent social classes, to make the possible visible.


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