Eva Bruno

Eva Bruno (born 2000, Hamburg.de) comes from a large, socially committed patchwork-family.  Eva has also been helping out in ambulant care and allows her artistic knowledge and spontaneous interests, ideas and realisation to flow directly into the area of work and into her general art practices.



The memorable experience, the journey, also addressing the geographical circumstances and maybe even the political aspects can come together in the curatorial work space. It can be a collective embodied in a wonder chamber using curating as a word surrounding the different aspects, emotions and feelings. It can also be a support, an intensification of the message and the thought through space also including the process of organization and communication between the artist, the space and the outer world.

I have always struggled to speak up for myself and to present my own artworks comfortably. Since learning about curating and about contemporary art, it feels like the space and supporting others has been opened. I can still support the message I believe in while enjoying different kinds of newly learned aspects of curating. In some other way being able to lead and document but also involving emotions can be my way of sharing things with the world.