Meriam is an IT engineering student at INSAT and Curator in training with TASAWAR Curatorial Studios based in Tunis.
She aspires to find peace and inspiration through art and its impact on the viewers amidst these unusual circumstances.
Following the dynamics of one’s being in the environment, she questions the existence through the context of art in search for her complex identity.
She believes that becoming a curator is to ask many intriguing questions about one’s being in the environment and then translating the answers into texts and potentially exhibitions.


Developing an artistic sensitivity starts with an innate sort of talent and grows through a process of learning, questioning, and experimenting. It is also a retrospective over one’s identity and a look back over one’s Wunderkammer and worldview.
Identifying one’s sensitivity thus becomes part of one’s curatorial voice that will influence current and future work.

Amidst the chaotic unbearable lightness of existing, the search of one’s curatorial voice becomes heavily influenced by the dynamics of life. It changes according to the current circumstances and follows the different aspects of its environment. Meriam’s curatorial voice is still under construction and so is her identity. However, she looks to be volatile and follows the dynamics of change.

She aspires to find answers to the arising questions through her curatorial practices not only because it is a new perspective to look at life but also a new way of self expression. She believes it is a genuine outlet of the frustration within ourselves and a guide to curious minds.

She wishes that her work offers a safe space for artists to express their frustrations with the world and a space for growth.

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