Through a wide range of practice that evolves harmoniously between painting, photography, works on paper, sculpture, installation and video, Amina Benbouchta leads an anthropological reflection, which explores in a singular way, the existing dialogue between environment, objects of the everyday life and the human figure, while highlighting this poetry of chance that often emanates from their meeting.
She invents a symbolic language, from both personal concerns and socio-cultural issues: making visible what escapes the visible.
Her work is not composed of a separate series. Alternatively, each new image is added, and completes the set which pre-exists. Her research draws from an intrinsic universe, absorbing elements that evoke atmospheres related to the already existing work.
Beyond the poetic and metaphorical readings that her works inspire, there is a relevant political dimension in her creations. Each realized work corresponds to a new way of understanding the existing challenges of living as a contemporary woman in the public and private space. She questions how to position oneself in this structured, male-dominant society.

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