Paola is an artist and curator, currently working as a cultural practitioner in Jordan.

In her curatorial approach, Paola seeks to challenge current systems of being, exploring them from various angles: one’s relationship with others, their connection to ecology and their definition of roots and the act of belonging.

Her research in curatorial practices comes to life in the unconventional exhibitions she creates, providing a space where alternate realities are investigated, and where the process of exhibiting art is in itself questioned and revisited. The objective is to foster discussions and collaborations through, but especially beyond, the art medium.

A Canadian of Italian origin born in Lebanon, Paola draws from her diverse roots and experiences in her multi-disciplinary art practice. She has participated in art and photo exhibitions in Jordan and Lebanon, and her material-based research is rooted in the ecological realm. She explores the role power systems play on sustainability issues, and their societal impact, using natural and reused materials with artisanal techniques to create multimedia installations.

2022 | OUT OF THE BOX | Art Director
2020 – 2022 | REMOTE CLOSENESS | Co-curator
2018 – 2020 | MMAG FOUNDATION | Development Manager

2022 | low tide:an anthology | Re-Rooting exhibition | Darat Al Funun | curated by Rana Beiruti

Instagram: @paolafarran

Photo credit: Oliver Zakhour