Montserrat Ciges (1980) is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist, designer, and inventor, she is currently working as an Innovation Designer at Nike in Portland, Oregon. Her work is based on the intersection between art, technology, and biology, hovering between and combining biomaterials, soft robotics and fashion tech design in addition to photography, video and sound recordings to create living objects, biodegradable fabrics and wearable technology.

Through her work, she explores the possibilities of different substances where she experiments through the “fail, observe, try differently” process to try to understand the materials and their capabilities and forms of transformation, trying to show the life within the matters around us “all the materials are completely alive!” she believes.

She has been an instructor in digital manufacturing and textile technology, teaching the official programs by Fab Foundation. She is an active member of the fab labs network, she is a consultant for social innovation projects in Latin America, leading the Fab Craft (Digital Crafts) project for the social development of the artisanal sector through design and innovation.

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Photos: Montse Cigas

Her background is on Cultural project manager in urban art festivals, and an Inmaterial Heritage researcher, like a photographer, and video and sound recorder of cultural traditions and rituals in different countries such as Portugal (Azores Islands), Brazil, São Tomé and Príncipe, Peru, Costa Rica and Panama1test testd.




2005 | Valencia. sp | Polytechnic University Of Valencia | Bachelor in Fine Arts | photography, sound and video |

2009 | Alicante. sp | Fundesem Business School | Master’s degree in Marketing management | Branding and Product Development |

2010 | Alicante. sp | University of Alicante | Bachelor in Advertising and Public relations | Communication and Creative Direction |

2017 | Cambridge. ma | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Digital Fabrication |

2019 | Boston. ma | FabLab Foundation | Textile Technology |


Author: Dana Kaoukji.