Farah Sayem – Design and Sociocultural Management. 

I have always believed in freedom in all its aspects, in democratization in its broadest sense and in a specific sense of empowering communities to decide their future, something that made me attracted to researching and working to deepen the sense of learning and stimulation. For me,  freedom in learning and reflection is the essence of all creation, which follows a multidisciplinary process, is also different from one individual to another. This is nourished by our differences as a person, our different life paths, learning, evolution and experiences.

Curation and contemporary art seems the best way to practice freedom in learning and reflection in a multidisciplinary vision, breaking borders and sharing to interventions with artists and mediators to spread the meaning of having the right to express and share our thoughts, pragm and even our imagination with an audience and to create a state of mind of community building and liberation from forced boundaries.

However, I had an academic background in design, I started with furniture then product design with some experiences in interior design. This has allowed me to work on certain matters related to society, to the human being and to rethink his needs with an empathetic approach. I started to work as a freelancer in projects that are interested in art, society, design and culture and I realized that I had always an interest in project management, design and its rich social declinations on the experimental side as well as in projects with socio-economic, cultural and environmental impacts.



2015 – 2018 : Bachelor’s degree in product design – furniture creation

2018 – 2020 : Master in Product Design

2020 : Documentary filmmaking : urban frontier zones Tunis

2021 – 2023 : Master in Management of social organizations

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